Georgia's TPPP and Title X Are At Risk! Bill Passed to Eliminate Programs

We have disappointing news regarding the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) and Title X.  Last week the House Appropriations Labor, Health and Human Services and Education (LHHS) Subcommittee passed its version of the LHHS appropriations bill for FY 2017.  The bill, which passed along party lines, eliminated programs critical to reducing teen and unplanned pregnancy. Specifically, the bill:

  • Eliminated the evidence-based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, currently funded at $101 million for FY 2016.
  • Eliminated the Title X Family Planning Program, currently funded at $286.5 million for FY 2016. 

While there is no word yet on when the full House Appropriations Committee will consider the bill, it could happen as early as this week.It's crucial that your Representatives hear from you, now. Thousands of vulnerable young people in Georgia benefiting from these programs need your help to save them.

Here's what Georgia stands to lose:

  • Title X Program Grantee:
  • Family Health Centers of Georgia Inc.
  • Target Population: Approximately 100,000 young women, men, and teens
  • Amount: $7.8 million
  • Office of Adolescent Health Grantees:
  • Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc.
  • Target Counties:  East Central Georgia (Richmond, Burke, Jefferson, Washington, and Wilkes).
  • Target # of youth: 1,500 youth annually
  • Amount: $1 million
  • Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Target Counties: Crisp, Jasper, Douglas, Spalding, and Thomas
  • Target # of youth: 3,500 youth annually
  • Amount: $1.2 million
  • Quest for Change, Inc.
  • Target Counties: tri-county region (Calhoun, Terrell, and Randolph)
  • Target # of youth: 1,500 youth annually
  • Amount: $749,500
  • CDC Grantee:
  • Georgia Association for Primary Health Care, Inc. 
  • Chatham County, GA (Savannah area)
  • Amount: $650,000

The bill would provide $20 million for the competitive abstinence education grant program, sometimes called Sexual Risk Avoidance, a $10 million increase over the FY 2016 level. 

This is disappointing, especially given that the Senate's version of the bill, which passed last month with a bipartisan vote, provided level funding for TPPP and Title X.  However, with the House bill eliminating both programs, the outcome is uncertain.  Everyone can do something to protect TPPP and Title X.  Here's a list of options from The National Campaign:

  • If you are able to lobby, please email or call (snail mail can take up to 5 weeks to arrive) your Representative and urge them to protect TPPP funding for FY 2017 at $101 million.  When contacting your Representative, you can use these TPPP talking points.
  • If you cannot lobby, you can still email or call your Representative to educate them about the great work TPPP is supporting in your community. Use these TPPP talking points when contacting them. 
  • If you are also able to advocate or educate about the need for the Title X Family Planning Program, you can also use our  Title X talking points to do so.

To look up your Representative,  click here and enter your zip code in the box on the top right.  To view your Senators, click here.

For the latest news, more ways you can help, polling and other resources, please check out the National Campaign's  "What You Can Do" page

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