Parents often ask us, “What can I do to prevent teen pregnancy?” Talk, talk, talk!  (Parents are the most important influence on their teen’s behavior.)  Be an ‘askable adult’ for your child – talk openly and frequently with him or her about your families’ values and expectations around sex and teen pregnancy prevention.  You can also help get other parents involved by organizing a local PTA or community center event on parent/child communication about teen pregnancy prevention, or by participating in “Let’s Talk Month” in October.

Parents have an awesome responsibility when it comes to raising children and preparing them for the challenges of life. For many parents, important issues such as sex and pregnancy are hard to discuss with their children. Here we have listed a few resources that we hope will make it easier for parents to understand the positive role they may play and then engage their children successfully in ‘tough talks’.

BEING A TEEN, by Jane Fonda, covers topics that every teen needs to know, and that people closest to them sometimes find difficult to talk about.



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